Farm and garden planning software

Tracy's Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator is almost ready for prime time!  If you are looking for vegetable garden planning software, or farm planning software that gives you the serious details on the number of plants you need to feed a certain number of people, row space required for various varieties of vegetables, potential yields, successive plantings, and planting and harvest dates... the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator does it all for you!

There are three versions for gardeners, and three versions for market gardeners and farmers.  Choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced depending on your skill level and experience. The farm versions also have a retail sales calculator to help you determine how much you can make by selling at markets, to restaurants, or other food outlets. If you have, or are starting a garden, CSA, or diverse produce farm, the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator will be an invaluable tool.

The Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator is based on intensive (aka biointensive, or French Intensive) growing methods which help you to get the most food possible out of your land.

Feel free to check out the instructions for the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator. Or click Register above to sign up today!


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