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Garden Crop Yield Calculator

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Farm Crop Yield Calculator

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GYO CSA Planning Tool Suite

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Unique Planning Tools

The original crop planning tool! When we started in 2009, there were no crop yield planning tools available online, so we created our own. Unlike our competitors, our unique product can tell you how much food you can grow on the amount of space you have.

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The only online planning tool that generates crop yield estimates! Before you buy seeds, or put a shovel in the ground, find out how much food you can grow in the space you have, and how many people you can feed. Our unique crop calculator draws upon a proprietary system of formulas to generate crop yield estimates.


There is no need to purchase expensive memberships to online platforms. Farming margins tend to be thin and gardeners want to keep costs low! All our tools are uploadable to platforms like Google Sheets and Apple Numbers. Use any device to take your plans into the field and make updates or notes anytime during the season.

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The only online planning tool that helps you get the MOST from the space you have! Whether you are using traditional or intensive growing methods, our tools automatically generate crop succession plans helping you stay organized while you efficiently maximize production in your growing space.

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The only planning tool suite that helps you set up a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation fast! Our Grow Your Own CSA Quickstart Module has all you need to set up and operate a CSA, from business planning to knowing exactly what will be in your Harvest Box each week. Get started fast, stay organized!

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Research Reports Conducted at our Pilot Study Farm, HeartEye Village CSA

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