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Great News! Our Garden and Farm Planning Tool is Now Downloadable!

The Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator can be used for gardening, market farming and CSA farming. Simply input your crop yield goals and let the calculator do the rest. Find out how much you can grow on the amount of space you have. Take the pain out of crop succession planning!

Easier than ever to use! Fully updated and downloadable! The same familiar, easy-to-use interface and proprietary formulas that reliably generate your unique planting and harvest schedules, but fully downloadable and yours to keep and reuse. Make small changes to your plan or create a new plan each year. Use it as a stand-alone tool with our Fantastic Farm Template Protocol or as part of our exclusive Grow Your Own CSA suite of over a dozen CSA farm planning tools. Take the headache out of crop succession planting and CSA farming complexity. Get started today! Try our Fantastic Farm calculator demo, learn more or, register for an account.

The CSA Quick Start module of our Grow Your Own CSA program is up and running! Go to Grow Your Own CSA Details to learn more about getting your CSA up and running quickly.


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Farm and Garden Calculator

Gardeners! Market Gardeners! Farmers! FINALLY, a garden planner that helps you to get the most produce from your land!

Wouldn’t it be great to have an tool that allows you to type in basic information about your production goals, then easily determine how much of each crop you need to plant and when you need to plant it in order it to feed the number of people you want to? And, wouldn’t it be helpful for market gardeners and farmers to also be able to make potential retails sales projections?

Check out our study from our test micro-farm that was planned using the Fantastic Farm & Garden Calculator.

Want to learn all the details about the Fantastic Farm and garden Calculator? Click Learn More below. Want to sign up and start planning your garden or farm now? Click the Get Started button below!

grow your own csa farmGrow Your Own CSA

Interested in starting your own Community Supported Agriculture program? Whether you want to farm in a rural area, or in an urban setting, we have the information and a unique set of CSA farm planning tools to get you started fast! Learn more now by reading our Grow Your Own CSA Case Study or find out about our Grow Your Own CSA program to help you start today!

“The urban-agriculture ones [CSA's] are flourishing,” he said. “There’s a lot of excitement. They’re active eight days a week.” But “community gardens, as such, where people come in to take care of their own boxes — those are not flourishing.” John Ameroso, Urban Extension Agent for Cornell University. Click nytimes for the full article.