"I've enjoyed it and it's been especially helpful as a new farmer." J. B. in PA

"Good program." J.P in KY

ATTENTION: we have updated the Calculator since this demo was made. The new version of the Calculator is a an automated, downloadable Excel tool with more refined formulas, a more pleasant interface and is easier to use. This original demo is only slightly different from the downloadable version but still provides an accurate user experience.

This demo allows you to navigate certain sections of the Calculator. You may change the Basic Information and the Row Length Inputs sections, and the first three cold weather crops and the first three hot weather crops in the Cold Weather Crop Inputs and the Hot Weather Crop Inputs sections. You may also change the price of those crops in the Retail Sales Calculator section. When you make changes in this demo YOU MUST scroll to the top and click "Update Calculations." However the new version of the Calculator updates automatically.  You cannot save or print this demo.

Take a look at the FFGC Instructions and the Template Protocol for instruction on how to use the demo and to see how you would translate a Calculator plan to on-the-ground implementation.

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