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Garden and Farm Crop Yield Calculator


Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator

The Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator (FFGC) is far more than just garden or small farm layout design software. What sets the FFGC apart from other garden space planners or farm management and planning tools is that it draws upon a proprietary system of formulas to generate crop yield estimates. Use it to easily figure out how much food you can grow in your growing space, and roughly how many people you can feed. 

The FFGC simplifies the planning of diverse vegetable gardens or farms whether using traditional or intensive growing methods. This unique tool is better than a farm or garden design program, it is a calculator that, based on your crop yield goals, gives you the information you need for crop succession planning and helps you to stay organized as the growing season progresses.

For the complete details on the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator, go to Calculator Details, or click the button below to sign up and start planning your farm or garden today!

Create a great plan for your vegetable garden, farm or CSA now! No software to install! Download the FFGC once and keep it, use it over and over to make new plans every season. Works in Excel (and Pages, or other compatible interface) on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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