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The Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator (FFGC) is far more than just garden or small farm layout design software. What sets the FFGC apart from other garden space planners or farm management and planning tools is that it draws upon a proprietary system of formulas to generate crop yield estimates. Use it to easily figure out how much food you can grow in your growing space, and roughly how many people you can feed. 

The FFGC simplifies the planning of diverse vegetable gardens or farms whether using traditional or intensive growing methods. This unique tool is better than a farm or garden design program, it is a calculator that, based on your crop yield goals, gives you the information you need for crop succession planning and helps you to stay organized as the growing season progresses.

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What users are saying!

"I think it's a great product and have recommended it to several friends.  Had a few technical difficulties but the customer service was excellent!" L. B. in TN

"I've enjoyed it and it's been especially helpful as a new farmer." J. B. in PA

"Good program." J.P in KY

Did you know?

There are two versions of the FFGC, one for gardeners and one for farmers. The Garderner’s version of the FFGC is the basic calculator.  The Farmer’s version includes a Retail Sales Calculator component.  There are three skill levels in each version.  Click Skill Levels to decide which skill level is right for you. Or, click Register to purchase an account.

Grow Your Own CSA (GYOCSA) is a unique Community Supported Agriculture farm planning tool suite of more than a dozen worksheets and forms to help existing and beginner farmers get started marketing via a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model.  Even if you don't operate a CSA but need a market garden planner or market farm planner you could greatly benefit from this tool suite. Information to help you set up your farm business is also provided, as well as a CSA Quick Start Module so you can get started fast!

The CSA planning tool suite helps CSA farmers create business plans and navigate crop succession planning so they know in advance how much to charge their members for the season as well as what will be in each weekly CSA box. The GYOCSA tool suite includes the Fantastic Farm Calculator and everything you need to operate a CSA.

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Did you know?

In the CSA model customers pre-purchase the produce they will receive from the farmer. CSA members usually pay the farmer a lump sum at the beginning of the year and the farmer provides boxes of produce each week over the course of the harvest season. For more information on this type of marketing model see our General Resources page.

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You will need Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader to use our tools and instructions.