The Financial Projections spreadsheet is available in our Grow Your Own CSA tool suite and is easy to use. You only need to fill in the yellow cells and the projections are automatically calculated for you. You can add income and expense categories for your unique operation, and any categories that don't apply can be left blank. Calculation cells are all locked, preventing accidental corruption of the formulas. Complete step-by-step instructions for using the Financial Projections spreadsheet are included.

Page 1 includes your income projections on the left and the yearly profit/loss projections on the right. Page 2 includes your Capital Costs, and your Annual Administrative Costs. The final page includes your Annual Variable Costs. Once you have filled in all of your anticipated information scroll up to Page 1 and check the annual profit/loss projections on the right to see if the operation you have in mind will be sustainable. If it's not, rework your plan to see what you would need to do differently.