To get an idea about what it is like using the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator or a few of the Grow Your Own CSA tools, please check out our instructions below.

FFGC Template Protocol

The Template Protocol is a handy overview for translating your FFGC crop yield plan to on-the-ground implementation. While the FFGC has been upgraded with refined formulas, a more pleasant user interface and is easier to use, this Template Protocol includes images of the previous version. However the Template Protocol still represents an accurate user experience.

FFGC Template Protocol pdf

FFGC Instructions

We recommend that you read the FFGC Template Protocol prior to using the instructions to fill out the FFGC crop yield calculator.

  FFGC Instructions (131.9 KiB, 30 hits)

The following instructions pertain to our Grow Your Own CSA Tool Suite.

Financial Projections

Use this tool as part of our Grow Your Own CSA tool suite to discover if your planned or existing farming operation will be financially sustainable within 7 years. Or use it to learn what changes you need to make so that your operation will become sustainable. 

  Financial Projections Instructions (106.3 KiB, 18 hits)

GYO CSA QuickStart Module Instructions

Our GYO CSA QuickStart Module is for anyone wanting to get a leg-up starting and operating a CSA fast.

  CSA_Quick_Start_Instructions.pdf (43.9 KiB, 36 hits)

GYO CSA Intercropping Module

This tool is for anyone who would like to get the most out of their growing space by intercropping plants. Find intercropping pairs and quickly know how much growing space you will save.

  Intercropping Module Instructions (95.7 KiB, 38 hits)