Rainwater Harvesting Online Calculator post thumbnail

Rainwater Harvesting Online Calculator

Brad Lancaster has this really nice rainwater harvesting calculator on his site. This is a great tool to help you learn how much water you can catch off your
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Martin Crawford’s Forest Garden – Video

Adding a forest garden to your yard or farm is a great way to increase biodiversity while growing edible crops—where nature does most of the work. In this video,
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Is Your Soil Ready For Planting? post thumbnail

Is Your Soil Ready For Planting?

The key to raising healthy vegetables and herbs is by first starting with great soil. How do you know how good your soil is? A soil test is a
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Seed Terminology post thumbnail

Seed Terminology

It is that time of the year to start buying vegetable and flower seeds for the garden or farm.  As you page through seed catalogs, or browse seed racks
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What is Late Blight, and How To Control It – Videos

Heard of Late Blight but not sure how to determine if plants in your garden or farm have it? This short two part video series will help you identify
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The Trials & Tribulations of High Altitude Gardening post thumbnail

The Trials & Tribulations of High Altitude Gardening

This spring I had grand plans of thoroughly documenting my use of the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator to plan my small (100 s.f.) garden here in Eldora, Colorado
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CSA Co-op and other news

We have added information on the site about our upcoming "Grow Your Own CSA Co-op.  We at Colorado Local Sustainability and LandShare Colorado are in the process of forming
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New companion planting chart added post thumbnail

New companion planting chart added

We've added a companion planting chart to the site to help you plan your companion planting, and intercropping.  You can find it under the "Got Questions?" menu, or click
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Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel post thumbnail

Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel

Garden season (as well as farming season) is upon us and if you haven't already started planning you garden or farm... it's time! For patio level gardening check out
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Potato Towers – Fact or Fiction

By Jim Sincock As we get ready for our second season with our micro-farm and CSA, we are looking into why a couple crops were less successful than they
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