CSA Co-op and other news

We have added information on the site about our upcoming "Grow Your Own CSA Co-op.  We at Colorado Local Sustainability and LandShare Colorado are in the process of forming a cooperatively-based incubator of urban and semi-urban Community Supported Agriculture initiatives that will become a nationwide clearinghouse for beginning and existing farmers, as well as market gardeners. To learn about the current benefits, click here.  We are also looking into additional benefits such as group buying and other discounts.  The co-op will be open to members nation-wide.

Farmers and gardeners across the U.S. and Canada are using the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator, and now we have a member from France!  Welcome all, and thank you for your support!

Lastly, down on the farm, we have a lot growing.  We have seeded a lot of our cold weather crops, planted onions, have a ton of tomato, pepper and basil plants in the little greenhouses, and the garlic and shallots we planted last fall are looking very happy!