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Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator

Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator

Gardeners! Market Gardeners! Farmers!  FINALLY, a calculator that helps you to get the most produce from your land!

The Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator is a spreadsheet-based, farm and garden planning tool that draws upon a proprietary system of calculations to help farmers or gardeners plan diverse vegetable gardens or farms using intensive growing methods. The FFGC is not a design program, but a calculator which gives you the real figures you need to start growing and help you to stay organized as the growing season progresses.   This is especially helpful for anyone who needs to figure out how much food they can grow in their growing space, and roughly how many people they could feed.  Plan your vegetable garden! Plan your farm or CSA.  Use this proprietary, spreadsheet-based farm and garden planner to plan your farm or garden now!  No software to download!  Works in Excel (or compatible interface) on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The farm and garden calculator will help you to determine:

  • How many people or CSA members you can provide for, given the amount of space you have
  • How much space you need for the number of people or CSA members you wish to provide for
  • How much space you need to achieve retail or wholesale goals
  • The amount of space to plant for the season for each crop you wish to grow
  • The amount of space to plant each week for crop successions
  • The planting and harvest dates given your production goals
  • The amount of seed required for your production goals
  • Potential yields for a wide range of vegetables and herbs
  • Projected weekly and annual income for each crop given your retail sales goals

Click here for a screenshot of the entire calculator page.

For the complete details on the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator, go to the Calculator Details, or click the Get Started button to sign up and start planning your farm or garden!