Time to start planing your garden or farm

My mail box keeps filling up with seed catalogs and I find myself paging through my arsenal of gardening books to help me plan for this year's growing season.  To help save time (and a certain amount of brain damage), Tracy & I are using the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator to plan our urban micro-farm and CSA, and I am using it to plan my own small garden at my mountain cabin.  I'll document the planning of both and share them with you so you can better see how useful the FFGC is for planning anything from a tiny home garden, to a farm and CSA.

It is interesting to look back a year ago when Tracy & I were planning our micro-farm and CSA.  Before Tracy developed the FFGC, we spent countless hours trying to figure out how much food we could grow on the space we had, how many people we could feed, how much of each crop we should grow and what the approximate harvest would be... basically, time is money, and we wasted a lot of time trying to come up with the answers we needed.  We even tried some of the vegetable garden planning programs that already existed, but, while good programs, they still didn't give us all the info we needed for our growing needs.  I bet that between Tracy & I, we probably spent several days worth of our time trying to plan the farm before we had the FFGC to use.  Then once Tracy developed the FFGC, within an hour or so we had a few variations of our garden plan.  If we put a value on our time, using the FFGC realistically saved us hundreds of dollars when compared to the time we wasted before we used it.

With the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator, we are now able to quickly plan our garden, as well as make several variations.  It is a huge time saver, and that is why we developed it... to help save you time and take the headache out of your planning.  Whether you are a home gardener, or a farmer, we know your time is valuable, and the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator can save you time and money.