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Alerts and Recent Updates

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Due to some unexpected internet shenanigans our online Calculator has crashed! But the good news is that the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator is now available as a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet! Hooray!  If you are a Grow Your Own CSA Member please use the Login tab on the Grow Your Own CSA drop down menu above and then check the Templates and Spreadsheets member's page for the downloadable versions of the Calculator, the Quick Start Module and the Instructions, as well as the Template Protocol, Templates and many other planning tools.

If you have an active subscription to the Fantastic Farm or Fantastic Garden Calculator, use the Login tab on the Calculator drop down menu above to log in and download the new version of the Calculator.

5/8/2014: Issue with Market Sales Calculator has been resolved. A bug has recently been discovered in the Market Sales Calculator for some crops that may be harvested biweekly. We have fixed the issue. Previously generated Calculator plans may have been affected. We apologize for the inconvenience.

3/19/2014: A new version of the CSA Quick Start Instructions has been posted. The only change in the instructions specifies that the annual yields generated by the Quick Start FFGC Plan most closely approach the amounts listed in the CSA Share Box Value Template when a 17 week interval is used between Last Frost Date and Season End Date.

2/23/2013: The FFGC is functioning well on both Firefox and Safari Browsers. Previous issues on Firefox have been resolved. We are less certain about the FFGC's performance on Explorer, but we've received reports that it is functioning fine there too.

2/6/2013: For using the FFGC with the Square Foot method on very small plots  see our Tutorial Video. Please note that the FFGC loses accuracy using the Square Foot method demonstrated in the video for any plots totaling more than 120 sq ft. If you are using the FFGC to plan more than 120 square feet using the Square Foot method you can simply create more than one plan.

2/5/2013: CSA Quick Start Plans are ready and have been added to the FFGC accounts of Grow Your Own CSA Members. Members please use the instructions and the box value template on the Templates and Spreadsheet page to get started.

Alert 1/30/2013: Use the Tutorial Video to get a jump start. Did you know we have a tutorial video for the FFGC? It is an easy way to get started quickly. It is by no means a substitute for the instructions, so you will want to read those too. The first part of the two part tutorial video can be found here: How to use the FFGC

Alert 1/30/2013: 6 Month Calculator Subscriptions. Please be aware that we have changed the Calculator Subscription duration from 1-year to 6-months for new and renewing accounts from this date forward. After a careful examination of user behavior we found that users don't access their accounts after the initial planning period for a given season. While a quarterly subscription would make most sense in light of user behavior we have instead decided to make the subscription duration semi-annual. This way users will have access to their saved plans if they need them for reference during the growing season. All saved calculator plans are archived when subscriptions expire, so if you renew your subscription you will again have access to your old plans.

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