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Grow Your Own CSA

Grow Your Own CSA is a unique CSA farm planning tool suite of more than a dozen worksheets and forms to help existing and beginner farmers get started marketing produce via a Community Supported Agriculture model.  Even if you don't operate a CSA but need a market garden planner or market farm planner you could greatly benefit from this tool suite. Information is also provided on business and production set-up to help you manage your farm and business and a CSA Quick Start Module so you can get set up fast!

In the CSA model customers pre-purchase the produce they will receive from the farmer. CSA members usually pay the farmer a lump sum at the beginning of the year and the farmer provides boxes of produce each week over the course of the harvest season. Our tool suite helps CSA farmers navigate crop succession planning so they know in advance how much to charge their members for the season as well as what will be in each CSA box. For more information on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) click here.

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