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Grow Your Own CSA

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? Click here.

Grow Your Own CSA consists of a planning tool suite to help existing and beginner farmers get started marketing their produce via a Community Supported Agriculture model. Even if you don't do a CSA but sell your produce at a farmers market or farm stand you could greatly benefit from this tool suite. In the CSA model customers pre-purchase the produce they will receive from the farmer. CSA members usually pay a lump sum at the beginning of the year and the farmer provides boxes of produce each week over the course of the harvest season.

Benefits for Grow Your Own CSA account holders include:

Information on business and production set-up and access to financial and production planning tools to help members manage their farm and business.

Financial and Production Planning Tools include:

  • 7-year Financial Projections worksheet (see when your operation will become financially sustainable)
  • Fantastic Farm Calculator production planning spreadsheet (a production planner that tracks all the information you need to carry out your production goals, click here for more details)
  • Production plan Template Protocol (a series of templates that helps you translate your plan to on-the-ground implementation)
  • CSA Quick Start Plan (a pre-filled production plan to get you up and running quickly, takes the guesswork out of what to provide in your weekly CSA box)
  • CSA Box Value worksheet (calculate how much your CSA share membership is worth)
  • Daily and Weekly Harvest Weight Tracking worksheets (keep track of your yields)
  • CSA Agreement Template (an agreement between you and your shareholders)
  • Daily and Weekly Tasks Checklist (Keep track of everything you need to do)
  • Compost Temperature Monitoring worksheet (track compost temperature so you know when it's ready to use)
  • Intercropping module (find appropriate crop pairings and track the amount of space saved by intercropping them together)

A 6 month account is $55, but once you download the above planning tools they are yours to keep.

Click here to become a register for an account.